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Perfect Teller Information

What is Perfect-Teller?
Perfect-Teller is a program that allows members to access their account information via their home computer or mobile phone.

Needed Information:
After you sign on to the Central Soya FCU on the Perfect Teller Online button.

When the site is open, you will see the Perfect-Teller Sign-On Screen. Enter your member account number and password. Click the sign on button.

Password Information…Once a password is set up for your account; there is no way for the credit union to retrieve that information. If you forget your password, you must request in person or by mail for a new password. 
This cannot be done by phone. A $5.00 fee will be assessed for a new password.

The next screen will show ALL your shares (description, balance) and loans (note #, payment amount, balance and delinquent amount). You can click on an individual share or loan to show more detailed information and to display the account's history.

Links (along the right side column, not all are listed and some of these options may be updated):
  • Transfer Money: you can transfer money from share to share, share to loan. You can even transfer from your account to another member's account (note: both accounts don't need to be signed up for Perfect-Teller, but you will need to know the account number going to and that person's social security number).
  • Change Password: You have the ability to change your password at anytime.
  • Get Statements: You have the ability to pull up the last several years' worth of monthly and quarterly statements via the Perfect-Teller program. Statements back to January 1995 are online.
  • Useful Links: This page is provided as a courtesy of Branchsoft Technologies (creator of Perfect-Teller). This page lists search engines and other miscellaneous sites you can enter directly from this page.
  • Sign-Off: Click on the sign-off button when you are ready to leave the site.

Get Started today!

To Apply, Print the 
Application and take it to the Credit Union or Mail it to: Perfect Teller, Central Soya FCU, 1200 N 2ndStreet, Decatur, IN 46733.
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