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SYBIL allows you to talk directly to our credit union computer with a touch-tone phone* AND a Personal Identification Number. A PIN number is your "signature", your authorization to complete the inquiry. SYBIL is available to access your credit union accounts 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day.


Access to your account through SYBIL is controlled by your PIN number. If you don't have a SYBIL PIN, complete the application in this brochure and return it in the mail. Your PIN is a six digit security code that only you know. No one else can get information or transact business on your account without it. 

Once a PIN is issued to a member, no one may change the PIN but YOU or an authorized credit union employee. YOU have the option to change a PIN after it is initially programmed, anytime you call in and access SYBIL.


  1. You must press keys on your telephone keypad FIRMLY.
  2. You must have a PIN number to use the services available by SYBIL.
  3. Each phone call is limited to FIVE requests per phone call.
  4. All TRANSFERS and WITHDRAWALS are limited to regular shares and share draft checking.
  5. SYBIL will not allow a transfer which results in a negative share balance.
  6. SYBIL will not allow a transfer below the share pledge.
  7. PIN code changes made by YOU will take effect immediately. Decide on a six-digit PIN easy for YOU to remember.
  8. SYBIL will talk you through all needed instructions.
  9. Your monthly and/or quarterly statement will indicate all monetary transactions conducted by SYBIL.
  10. Transactions are entered in even dollar amounts. $5.00 becomes 5 followed by a pound (#) sign to enter the amount. The pound (#) sign transmits the information to the computer.
  11. If you make a mistake entering your account number, press the star (*) button. This will take you to the previous step in the transaction or inquiry.
  12. SYBIL will be operational on your accounts within 10 working days from the date the credit union receives YOUR assigned PIN.

*Not all pushbutton phones are touch-tone phones. If you hear a clicking sound when you press a button, your phone is NOT a touch-tone phone. You can buy converters for these and regular rotary dial phones. Most pay phones are NOT touch-tone phones. Contact your phone company for information on touch-tone service.


Just answer SYBIL'S questions by pressing the buttons that send information through the telephone lines. SYBIL allows you to access ALL share type accounts and ALL loans that are listed on your account. SYBIL will talk you through all needed instructions. However, you must press FIRMLY on the telephone keypad.

  • SYBIL will give current loan balances, scheduled payments and payment due dates.
  • SYBIL will transfer your scheduled payment from regular shares or share draft checking.
  • You may request a loan payoff amount from SYBIL with a computed daily interest amount.

Yes, SYBIL can even access credit union hours for you!
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