Set up Direct Deposit at your employer payroll department and never worry about cashing a check again! Direct Deposit is safe, convenient, reliable, and it's easy to sign up. Just give your employer payroll department our routing and transit number and your account number, they'll handle the rest.

Direct Deposit will Save you:

  • Time: Plan that trip when you want, not based on when you receive your check.
  • Money: Direct Deposit means your funds are available at the opening of business on the day your payments are scheduled to arrive in the mail and can earn interest at the start of the business day, not when you can make a deposit.
  • Concern: Even if you can't visit the credit union, you can rest easy knowing that your check is deposited. Reduce the chance that your check or payment is lost, stolen, or misplaced - sign up for Direct Deposit today!

A Note about Social Security Payments:

Beginning January 1, 1999, recurring payments from the federal government - such as Social Security Number - must be made by Direct Deposit. 
Sign up for Direct Deposit today!

To begin Direct Deposit of your Social Security Benefits, call your credit union or the Social Security Administration, 800-772-1213. You'll need your Social Security and checking account numbers. 
It's that simple!
Electronic Payments:

You can set up direct payments from your account to be made by initiating the payments at the company requesting those payments, such as your telephone company, cable company, utility company, and many other services allow you to make your payment online. It is safe, convenient, reliable and it's easy to do.

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